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About Our Pretties

At Just Like Mommy'z we design and create elegant matching (twinning) dresses for mother and daughter. All our dresses & accessories are available exclusively through our website, tailored to your wishes, and handmade per order by moms.

That means:

  • You always get unique items specially made for you
  • You can customize your dress(es) the way you like them
  • You can get them tailored to your size & measurements
  • You can choose from a wide selection
Our brand

The inspiration for our brand is the beautiful love bond between mother and child. Our raison d'être is those precious and priceless moments of pure joy with our daughters (or sons). There is nothing quite as wonderful as the look of true happiness on a child’s face and the pride they feel in dressing for a special occasion…  and feeling pretty. Just Like Mommy.

just like mommy matching pretty dresses custom made

Our styles
We get our inspiration for colors and prints from everything beautiful around us, especially nature. Lovely floral prints are among our favorites, naturally! (See our current color & print options here.)

All our dresses have a romantic and feminine look. We like to go a bit modern on them, but our all-time favorite style is the 60's. So, expect a bit of retro-romance!

Love to accessorize? We have a lovely selection of gemstone jewelry and hair accessories handmade to match and complement your style. We also have matching items for your little prince! (Please note that our accessories and little prince items are for sale only in combination with purchase of a dress or dress set.)

Our materials

When we select the materials for our dresses and accessories, we make sure that they are flattering and make you and your daughter feel comfortable. We choose gorgeous and easy to care for luxury fabrics. Made of elastane - stretchy blends, they fit nicely whichever shape you may have. And… they hardly need ironing :)

Tailored to your wishes
All our dresses are customizable to your taste at no additional cost and available to order exclusively through our website.You will hear from us right away and throughout the make & delivery process.

We make them for you and send them to you. That simple!

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