Our timeless collection for sparkling twinning moments with your little star. Add a bit of glam to make those special moments extra memorable.

You ladies will steal the show, and mummy will steal her heart... Again!

These are the ultimate choices for a special event with your little VIP when you want to make a big impression. She’ll be beaming ear to ear to be dressed Just Like Mommy.

Everyday glamour for moms and daughters with a taste for the best. Whether it’s a girls’ day out or a visit to her favorite brasserie, your little princess will love matching her Mummy.

Add a little sunshine to your special day by dressing à deux with your petite starlet! Be it a birthday party or a reception, there’s nothing quite like the delight of sharing a special moment and outfit with her. 

Twinning in fall is fun! Your little sunshine will love to wear her pretty to school on her birthday - even more if you pick her up from school in your matching dress ;) Be it a mother & daughter day out, a special day, or just for fun... because twinning is about winning her heart!

All she wants is to grow up to be just like mommy.

Yes, special occasions deserve special dresses - but your little one deserves more than a special dress ;)

Explore our pretty dresses for you and your little princess.

We didn’t forget the mommies who would like to match with their little prince. Check out our matching items- whether a cute bandanna, a cool sweatshirt, or a chic waistcoat & bow-tie in your colors, we have options:)

(pls note: these items are sold together with dresses)

Matching dresses, pretty precious moments. Find your dress, customize to your taste, and make a happy mama & me moment together!

Check out our accessories to complete you ladies' looks with a gorgeous hair ornament and gemstone jewelry- all for mama & me! These pretties will make your photos taken on special days simply picture-perfect!

(pls note: hair accessories are sold together with dresses)

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