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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

About Twinning & Matching

- What is twinning anyway?

Twinning is a growing trend of dressing same or similar with a loved one, with your daughter for example. Of course, you know it very well if you had twins already:) Everyday more and more mothers and daughters are discovering how much fun twinning can be. You can match your daughter or son with one piece of garment or with just one accessory. But you can also match your entire outfit (hence twinning:)) and vary endlessly. Mix and match, twin, options are endless -with a lot of room for your own creativity! And watch your daughter's face glowing with happiness and pride when she sees herself on the mirror - pretty, just like mommy!

Read more about this clothing trend and discover Twinning in Style with us.

About Making & Shipping Your Dresses

- What does “customized and made-to-order” mean?

It means that what you get is not an off-the-shelf product. It means that you can choose from different options such as color/print, dress and arm length, skirt shape etc. to make your unique dress. Once we receive your order, we will make your dress per your specifications :)

It also means that we can make your dresses to your measurements if you prefer that! You can provide your chest waist measurements during the check out or via email. See our size chart for how to measure yourself.

- How should I take measurements? Do you have a size table?

Yes, please see our Size & Measurement Guide page for more info and guidance on determining your size and how to measure yourself. Let us know your measurements in the note field during check-out or via email pretty@justlikemommyz.com ;)

- How long does it take?

It takes four to seven days for Our professional tailors make your dresses and prepare your order depending on the dress style and planning. Including the shipment, expected total making & delivery time on average is 7 to 15 business days within the continental Europe (standard order processing and standard shipment via PostNL). So, please make sure you give yourself enough time to order for your special occasions, and be sure to indicate the date of the occasion ;-)

- Is there a way to make it faster? I have a birthday coming up

Yes. Please note that:

1- Orders are processed based on the date/order they have been received (first come first served), with the exception that Pretty Mama & Me Club members who indicate the type & date of their occasion may get priority.

2- At the checkout, you can also choose Expedited Order Processing option for a fee of 25-35 euros depending on your order. (Standard Processing- 4 to 7 business days or Expedited Processing- 4 business days) 

- How can I know if I ordered in time for my event?

Once you place your order, we will check with our planning and availability, and email you an estimated delivery time. We might ask you to confirm your order and/ or advise a different method of order processing or delivery depending on the date you want to receive your order. We keep the right not to accept your order if we believe the date you indicated is not feasible.

- Do I get free shipping on my orders?

Yes, depending on which country it needs to be shipped, if your order is above a certain amount (starting from 70 euros for the Netherlands and Belgium) you are eligible for free shipping. This is automatically calculated at the check-out. Please see Shipping section for more info!

About Your Wishes & Customizations

- I wear 46 and my daughter is 13 years old. I don’t see these size options on your website. Can I still order a set for us?

Yes, Sure. Just email us with your wishes and we will try our best to make it happen ;-)

- I would like to have a different color tulle trim under the skirt. Is it possible?

Yes, for any other custom touches, please contact us:) Just email us with your wishes and we will try our best to make it happen and we will keep you posted.

- I like the idea of tailored matching dresses, but I am not a photo-model size and not sure if the dresses would fit nicely on me. Can you help me to decide?

Sure. Let us try :) It may help to know that:

First, we design the dresses – choose the styles, color/print and fabric- always with comfort and flattering look in mind! Especially the nice fabric we use always come with elastane blends, to ensure goof fit on any body shape!

You can see that all our photo-models are also real moms😊 and you can see what size they wear, how they pull the dress off 😉

If you are conscious about your shape, we always advise A-line dresses or skirt shapes- knee length. Always looks nice and elegant!

You can also provide additional information (such as your weight, height, size measurements, desired skirt or arm length in cm) in the note box provided, or email us so that we can help you better. See our size chart for info on measurements.

Lastly, if you ordered and tried your dress on. And you are absolutely sure that you made a wrong decision... you can return it within 14 days! You can ask for a store-credit/ get another dress for your or your daughter; or ask for a refund. Although we have no way to recover our loss if you return it, we have trust! And we want you to be happy with us - Just Like Mommy’z 😉(see Returns page for more)

- I love the concept and would like to get a matching set, but I have two daughters!! Can I benefit from a set discount?

Yes, sure. If you buy a mama and at least one girl dress (or boy), you get 10% off!! However, please note that you must be a Club member to take advantage of the Mama &Me special price!

- My 10 year-old daughter wants a different print, of course☹. Can we still get the special set price if we order two different dresses?

Yes, no problem. If you are a Pretty Mama & Me Club member, and buy one dress for you and at least one for your daughter (s), you get 10% off

- I want a twinning set, but my 12 year-old daughter doesn’t want it yet! I think I will get my dress first. Do I get a discount?

Yes, if you are a Club member, you get 7% off on all single “mama” or “me” dress you buy!

- I have another discount code from you. Can I use it with my regular Mama & Me membership discount code?

Unfortunately, you can use only one discount code per order.

About Pretty Mama & Me Club Membership

- I have signed up for your emails. Am I a member now? Can I use Mama & Me pricing?

If you've signed up with your email, you have started your membership process, thank you! You will receive your always-valid Mama & Me special discount codes in your inbox! 

However, you still need to fill a short membership form to complete and activate your full membership. Join Now!

Once you submit the form, you will receive your extra Welcome Gift - 17% discount code for your first order! :)

- How can I order as a set?

If you are a Pretty Mama & Me Club member, you can order as a Mama & Me set and benefit from the special set price. 

First customize your order for you, add to your shopping cart, and then repeat for your daughter.

Set discount will be applied at the checkout with your  special discount code you receive when you signed up.

When you are ready to check out, please add any information that might help (such as your weight, height, size measurements, and if you are ordering for a special occasion, the date and nature of your occasion) in the note box provided.

- Why do you ask to fill in a form?

We ask only a few questions in the form so that we can tailor our offers and club membership advantages for you better! Think about special offers or gifts on your or your daughter's birthday!

- Are there more benefits to membership?

Yes, of course! We want to build a community but also privileges for the Club member fellow mothers😊. How about priority in order processing & shipping? Or receiving the news on the brand-new styles before others? Or, personalized promotions and special offers on your special days? To see current benefits that we thought of, see the Pretty Mama & Me Join the Club page. We are open to your ideas and suggestions!

About After Purchase and Returns

- I’ve cut off the label with care instructions. How should I wash our dresses?

Indeed, you will see the care instructions on the care labels inside of your dresses. But if you had to cut them off (many girls request that, we know😉),  just keep in mind:

1- Most of our dresses can be washed in the washing machine with warm water (fine wash up to 40 degrees) and tumble dry. Exception is the dresses with appliques or embroidery (prefer hand-wash or delicate cycle 30 degrees, and line dry flat or a hanger).

2- Although it is possible for most of our dresses, we don’t advise tumble-dry for environment.

3- If you hang your dresses on a hanger neatly to dry; you may not even need to iron them! It is advised to iron them low, and also iron the appliques with a piece of cloth on so that they stay better on the dress.

- I received my dress and I love it! But I’d love it a bit tighter. Can you make such alterations?

Yes, we can make alterations for a small fee. Please get in touch.

- I received my dresses, but I am afraid I chose a wrong style. It didn’t look that nice on me. What are my options?

We make your dress based on your order and specifications.

To prevent mutual disappointments, we kindly ask you to provide additional information (such as your weight, height, size measurements, child’s age, desired skirt or arm length in cm; and date of your occasion) in the note box provided, or email us so that we can help you better.

Lastly, if you received and tried your dress on. And you are absolutely sure that you made a wrong decision... you can return it within 14 days!

You can ask for a store-credit/ get another dress for your or your daughter; or ask for a refund.

In that case, we have no way to recover our loss, but we have trust and want you to be happy with us at Just Like Mommy’z! :)

I couldn't find an answer to my question in this list. What now?

Feel free to contact us anytime for your questions using the Contact form or simply email us at pretty@justlikemommyz.

About Accessories & Little Prince items

I like your hair accessories a lot! Can I order them without a dress?

Unfortunately, we make hair accessories only in combination with a dress or dress set purchase. This is valid for hair accessories, boleros, sashes,  and Little Prince items. 

I have two sons, can I order only for them?

Unfortunately, at the moment we make the Little Prince matching items (waistcoats, hoodies, bow-ties, neck bandannas) only in combination with a dress purchase.

This is also valid for hair accessories, boleros, and sashes.

I'd like to order only a necklace set. Is it possible to get it without a dress?

Yes! We have made some of the popular necklace styles in limited number available in stock. So, feel free to order. They make great gifts for Mama & Me! :) If the necklace you like is sold out and you'd like to pre-order, please let us know at pretty@justlikemommyz.com

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